mediVR, Inc


We develop a therapeutic medical device to provide patients with

  (1) "Quantitative" 

  (2)  "Standardized"

  (3)  "Dual-Task"

exercise rehabilitation program using Virtual Reality, 3-Dimensional Tracking, and Artificial Intelligence technologies. Simultaneous cognitive and exercise training (Dual-Task training) is the best way to improve or maintain activities of daily living in elderly or patients with neurological dysfunctions. 

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Patent No. 6200615 (JPN) : Dual task training using virtual/augmented/mixed reality 

Patent No. 6425287 (JPN):Accurate measuring methods in 3D area

Patent No. 6531338 (JPN):Prevent sensory conflict and resultant VR sickness

  <Company and Collaborators>

mediVR, Inc has been started on June 14, 2016 by 2 medical doctors with roughly $ 100,000 in capitals.

We collaborate with Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine 

  <Problems and Strategies>

At present, exercise training is based on a "Qualitative" instructions or assessments based on the experience of training providers. Thus, standardization of training program cannot be achieved.


Main concepts of exercise rehabilitation is to 

  (1) Evaluate the maximum tolerance limit such as distance, weight, or speed.

  (2) Then, train to get above the limit and evaluate the achievement rate and feedback.

  (3) Ideally, with stimulating cognitive function simultaneously.


We think that virtual/augmented/mixed reality technology in combination with 3-dimensional tracking systems can achieve this goal objectively.  Artificial intelligence technology can provide tailor-made program for each patient without human resources in near future.


2. Omon K, Hara M, Ishikawa H. Virtual reality-guided dual-task body trunk balance training in a sitting position improved walking ability without improving leg strength. Prog Rehabil Med 2019;4:20190011.


1. Hara M, Kitamura T, Murakawa Y, Shimba K, Yamaguchi S, Tamaki M. Safety and feasibility of dual-task rehabilitation program for body trunk balance using virtual reality and three-dimensional tracking technologies. Prog Rehabil Med 2018;3:20180016.


  <Targets and Services>

Services: (1) Medical device and programs (2) Data management (3) Patent licensing

To B : (1) Hospitals where they provide patients with exercise rehabilitation (2) Nursing home (3) Workout gym, etc

To C : (1) Patients with neurological dysfunction or neurodegenerating diseases (2) Elderly, etc

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【Chief Executive Officer】

Masahiko Hara, MD, PhD







【Chief Technology Officer】 Kyosuke Shimba

【Chief Regulatory Officer】 Masatake Tamaki

【Patent Strategy Manager】Takashi Kato